What to send us
Aug-3rd, 2018 17:50

We try our best to provide support for our customers. Below are a few tips to consider when reaching out to us for support. Following these tips will ensure a quicker resolution to your problems/questions. 

In order to receive the best help, please provide a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing/ question you have. That way we can quickly resolve the problem with fewer questions asked. 

The following information may help us. 

- Woogi user name 

- Woogi app (Woogi Create, Woogi Connect, Woogi English) 

- Day and time of the issue 

- Device/computer type, make, memory (as much as much as you know). 

- The operating system (Windows, Android, IOS, OS X) 

- Name and size of the file you downloaded (if you can see that). 

- Any error messages you see 

- Describe or take a screen shot of the screen at the point the issue occurs