Intro - Woogi
Jul-15th, 2017 22:04

Learning is more effective when kids are having fun.

Woogi is game-based learning were kids use curiosity, creativity and imagination to develop important 21st Century skills.

There are 3 main apps that make up the Woogi Learning Platform

1) Woogi Create β€“ a multi-player game connecting kids from around the world. The game was designed to help prepare kids for life long success in a global community.

2) Woogi Connect β€“ an app connecting teachers, coaches, parents, grandparents and other trusted adults to their kids learning. It’s a chat app on steroids for groups of kids and their trusted adults.

3) Woogi English β€“ a single player game teaching English to non-native English speakers. It prepares kids to communicate with other kids in Woogi Create and in the English based global economy they will spend their adult lives in. Woogi English teaches the basics and Woogi Create provides the motivation for real English learning/practice.

Each of the above apps can be used on their own but they were designed to work together.